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Paniolo Prince Tip of the Spear

The Tip of the Spear - Ka Maka Ihe


The Tip of the Spear is the Debut Album for Hanohano Naehu aka The Paniolo Prince, a fishpond guardian, educator, poet and rapper from the island of Molokai. This is the first ever hip hop album stemming from Molokai, an island with a long history of fierce guardians and protectors. Hanohano and his wife, Tanya Maile Naehu have created a sound that appeals to the hearts and minds of individuals who look to build a new generation of storytellers. They have taken their language, chant and stories and translated it into hiphop. "We believe that by writing lyrics about Aloha Aina(stewardship and love for the land) through music we can tune into every kind of person; all ages, all religions, all races, from all diverse backgrounds who seek to find the truth. We offer a space for truth seekers and storytellers via Kanaka Conscious Hiphop." - Hanohano Naehu

  1. Molokai - An ode to Hanohano’s home, Molokai Nui a Hina, Molokai the great child of Hina.
  2. Rebellion - A reflective song that is driven by the true Aloha Aina involved in the Kaua Kuloko of 1895.
  3. Rodeo Daze - In 1995 Hanohano, aka Da Paniolo Prince set the World Record for team roping with his cousin Brada Kaiama In Wyoming at the NHSFR. The same state where Ikua Purdy was crowned the first ever world champ. This is his story.
  4. Guardians - Written while Hano and Maile traveled throughout the Pacific and DC to establish conservation no-commercial fishing zones. This song was first performed to a large audience when Hano did his testimony at the hearing for the expansion of Papahanaumokuakea in the form of this RAP. Maile accompanies him with an ancient prophecy, E iho ana o luna.
  5. Weapons of War - Kahale, Kapiliula and Kawahineilikea are the three keiki of Hanohano and Maile. This is a name song that honors their being and strengths.
  6. Ignite - Makahiki celebrations on Molokai are grand and celebrated by all. Hanohano wrote this song after he witnessed a young man from Kanu o ka Aina named Kaleo win the highest title as the Ano Koa Kiekie for Ka Molokai Makahiki. Kaleo humbly accepted his prize and then, gifted it to his kumu, Nalei. It gave Hano so much hope in the younger generation that are raised with solid values, kuleana and identity. Later that night he returned home that night to write this. Maile chants her composition that compares the opio(youth) to the rising smoke of Pele that who never allows the flame of resistance to extinguish.
  7. Let the Water Flow - Water is life. The world we live in today is so excessive, wasteful, greedy, and unnecessary. Our way of life is unsustainable and we need to go back to having a good relationship with nature. Mama Earth is ravaged, abused and on the tipping point, she needs kokua from us. He alii ka aina he kauwa ke kanaka, Nature is the chief and we humans are the servants.
  8. Ho aunty! - For all the Aunties and Uncles who bend over backwards for money, power, prestige, or position. The coconut sell outs that graciously give away our home to the highest bidder. AUWE to the MAX.
  9. Aloha Aina Ho’i e - An ode to Palani Vaughn and all the Hawaiian Loyal Patriots that have never given up, never wavered and never lost hope. The believers who know pono will prevail and we will get once again have our EA.
  10. Just Breathe - The pilikia (problems) we face today in Hawai’i stem from Our lost of "EA"! The freedom of choice, country and drawing breath. Just as our breath sustains our being so does the aina. The unique relationship between kanaka and aina is the breath, the sovereignty of Hawaii. Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono.
  11. See Clearly - An impressive resume of the issues, groups, companies, politicians, and battles that we have chosen to oppose, have challenged, some fought and most WON! Small victories and clear to see that we on the aina side all the time!
  12. Valley of Kings - This mele was written to honor our Kupuna, Moku O Hawaii, our beloved Alii. It tells us of a great ruler Umialilioa who destroyed even his own brother to restore pono to the kingdom. Our past is the light for the new dawn, we must remember where and who we come from to know where we need to go.
  13. ACKING - "Me and my lyrical jedi hui doing a cipher about the powers that control, manipulate, brainwash, poison, hate, and do shitty stuff to all PEOPLE. We not too nice about it." - Hano
  14. My Friend - "Anything natural that can have multi benefits to my people and place in our present and projected future you can bet will be my buddy. my BFF!" - Hanohano aka "Da Paniolo Prince"