Paniolo Prince and his Queen Maile

Da Hui

Special effects artist

Special effects artist - Jocelyn Kapumealani Ng

Jocelyn Kapumealani Ng

Jocelyn Kapumealani Ng is a queer multidisciplinary artist, educator, community organizer of mixed Kanaka Maoli descent who was born and raised on the island of O'ahu. As an international award winning spoken word poet, her work has been featured on HBO's Russell Simmons Presents: Brave New Voices, on Russell Simmons All Def Digital Youtube channel, and most recently in the Smithsonian Museum's APA Pop Up Lab: 'Ae Kai.


J. Anthony Martinez

J. Anthony Martinez was born and raised in Southern California. He recieved his first camera from his aunt at age 5. He remembered seeing the world upside down for the first time and his senses became enhanced and he was able to see everything in a new and interesting way. He believe's from that moment, the camera chose him.

Photographer : J. Anthony Martinez


Webmaster - John Regalado

John Regalado

John Regalado is a Full Stack Web Developer with over 17 years of professional technical experience. John is a Father and Husband who enjoys traveling, music and life. John began building websites in High School.

Hip Hop Collaborator

Navid Najafi

Navid Najafi: A founding member of the Honolulu based hip hop collective the Super Groupers and a two-time Na Hoku Hanohano Award winner — he took home trophies for Hip-Hop Album of the Year in 2012 (for his solo album “Illnomadic”) and 2013 (for “Live From Soul Sound” as part of the band Evasive Species). Najafi was born in Iran and raised in New York but found home when he moved to Hawaii, spending several years on the Big Island after high school. He moved to Oahu to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa and stayed, becoming one of the most respected and highly regarded emcees in Hawaii. His smooth flow and intelligent, positive lyrics are always on point and well received by fans and critics alike. Along with the Super Groupers, he founded and regularly conducts Soundshop, a music education workshop program with high school students at the Honolulu Museum of Art. An accomplished artist, organizer, teacher and volunteer in the local community, Navid is also a poet facilitator for the non-profit poetry education organization Pacific Tongues for whom he has conducted weekly writing workshops at the University of Hawai‘i.

Hip Hop Collaborator : Navid Najafi

Hip Hop Collaborator

Hip Hop Collaborator - Kāpū Pajimola

Kāpū Pajimola

Kāpū Pajimola was born in Kealakekua, the Big Island of Hawai'i. It was definitely a humble up bringing. An up bringing he describes as "the best of memories and he learned skills that will last a lifetime". Hip Hop has always been a major musical foundation for Kāpū Pajimola since around 1985. That was a long time ago and now he is on a brand new journey and only time will tell where his path leads...

Hip Hop Collaborator

Lakea Trask

Aloha ke Akua, a me nā kini pū! Blessings from Buddha, Allah, Judah, a me Jesus too! Whoever that you call the Most High, keep em close by. Holla at a prayer - kuahiwi to the coastline! Im with the LHG, and all the Kingdom crews, Im with the downtown, Mamo St. uncles too! No Nation-in-a-Nation, but Free Association, and Acting out of Necessity - yes indeed, for liberation of the Kānaka (and all you ʻāina-loving fakaz), the academics (unless they high-makamaka), the Pochos, Pilipino, Puerto Rican, Pake, Kepani, Haole, and all the fam of the sugar-slaved, the paniolo, kiaʻi, loʻi kalo mahiʻai - kanaka maoli existing and so we exercise, all of our goddess-given rights, laws, and privileges, so that we see it to the abundance comes to our villages. The kuleana, to keep and cultivate the mana, aloha kekahi i kekahi a mālama i ka ʻāina - that which provides for the Lāhui. No sense one shine unless we can all do it! No sense we build waʻa unless we all pulling - e paʻa ka lima i ka hoe a kā-HULI! na Haʻawina Hoʻihoʻi Ea a.k.a. Homework Simpson

Hip Hop Collaborator : Lakea Trask

Hip Hop Collaborator

Hip Hop Collaborator - Keith Cross

Keith Cross

I am an artist and a scientist who both performs and studies lyrical improvisation, a Hip Hop art form that involves the spontaneous composition of rhyming lyrics and novel rhythmic and melodic patterns, while still producing coherent speech. As an art form created and predominated by African Americans, a minority group usually described as “low achieving,” the intellectual merits and underlying cognitive mechanisms of lyrical improvisation are underexplored—its cognitive benefits, unimagined. However, expertise in lyrical improvisation may result in experience-related changes in brain function similar to those found in expert musicians or fluent bilinguals, such as enhanced auditory response to music or speech, or preserved cognitive function in advanced age. My research combines perspectives and methods from linguistics, music, education, and cognitive neuroscience to determine what the scientific study of lyrical improvisation can contribute to our understanding of human cognitive function and human cognitive potential to respond to learning. Additionally, as lyrical improvisation is merely one of many complex intellectual practices engaged in by marginalized communities often regarded as intellectually inferior, I hope its study can contribute to a broader view of human ability in which scientists, educators and laypersons move beyond traditional disciplines, practices and metrics in seeking to understand the potential of our species.

Hip Hop Collaborator

Michaiah Soares

My name is Michaiah Soares or "Kea", I am 20 years old and I am from the beautiful island of Moloka’i. I am a young hiphop artist, Producer and engineer. Ive produced dozens of tracks, and mixed and mastered dozens of songs. I am currently in school earning an audio Engineering course and becoming Protools certified. I have hopes to be a producer or an engineer as a career in a studio.

Hip Hop Collaborator : Michaiah Soares

Hip Hop Collaborator

Hip Hop Collaborator - Illisit Martin

Illisit Martin

A nomadic spirit wandering time and space, documenting the journey via verbal percussion. Inspiration drawn from both physical and spiritual realms to produce abstract revelations and profound discoveries about the way I perceive myself and reality. I am a student on a quest to learn, evolve and grow. Starting with self and hopefully ending with the surrounding environment I inhabit. I believe that art reflects and embodies the soul of the artist. My music and artistry is just that.

Hip Hop Collaborator

Scott Ohtoro

Ohtoro is a beat maker and musician with roots in Los Angeles, Hawaii and Japan. Influenced by underground Hip Hop and LA Beat Scene, Ohtoro's beats create a sonic landscape ready to take your ears on a musical journey. Always working, he has started a new record label called Zenbu Records with the sole purpose to support and nurture Hawaii's Hip Hop and Beat Scene.

Hip Hop Collaborator : Scott Ohtoro

Hip Hop Collaborator

Hip Hop Collaborator - Samuel K. Kapoi

Samuel K. Kapoi

JRooted in Puea, Wai'anae on O'ahu, Samuel K. Kapoi was groomed to serve his community. Taking interest in media production at age 12, and realizing it's importance of documenting his people and issues with his point of view. A product of the prestigious high school media program, Searider Productions and the Hawaiian Studies Program, It was then that it became apparent that this industry could be a viable means of living. At only 30 years old, his journey has only begun.